Globaltivity is a premier, global provider of Voice of Customer (VOC) and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solutions. We empower organizations to better understand and manage the experiences and loyalty of their guests/customers with the ultimate goal of increasing sales, profitability, and organizational growth. Our team of loyalty professionals has vast experience in supporting VOC programs for a wide array of clients across all industries and business segments. Our rich heritage with consumer and business-based feedback solutions gives us the distinct ability to provide insightful, actionable support for strategic and operational planning that yields measurable results.

In an increasingly global, technology-driven, customer-empowered marketplace, it is not enough to merely satisfy customers. Product and service providers must deliver against ever-changing customer expectations in a hyper-competitive environment. Globaltivity’s EFM solutions help our clients monitor their performance and target opportunities to enhance the experience of their guests/customers.

We offer unique, leading-edge tools to capture overall perceptions of the customer experience and identify specific key drivers that create dissatisfaction or delight. Our leading-edge, real-time reporting tools enable organizations to celebrate areas of performance success, while also identifying specific areas to target for prioritized performance-improvement that will have the most impact on the customer experience.

By amplifying the voice of the customer in an efficient manner, Globaltivity helps organizations to be more responsive and to anticipate better the needs and wants of customers. We apply proven techniques and best-in-class technology to provide our clients insights that lead to meaningful organizational change and a positive financial impact. We also offer action-planning workshops, “what if” simulators, ROI modeling and other VOC deployment-support services.

Globaltivity provides actionable insights that put the “voice of customers” to work for our clients:

• Fact-based consultancy approach.

• Result-oriented methods for assessing and managing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• Leading loyalty and industry experts who deliver insightful interpretation of findings and offer specific guidance to key decision-makers.

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